My 7 Step Morning Routine (Part 1)

I don’t know how many blogs and articles I’ve read about developing a morning routine.

As someone with anxiety, it’s normal for me to wake up already feeling defeated, already worrying about what I need to do today, already worrying that I won’t get any of it done, already worrying that I’ll get to the end of the day feeling like I failed. 

Without a morning routine, I risk going through my whole day with this negative mindset. If I allow this to happen, then it has the potential to become a habit. If it becomes a habit, then not only am I likely to feel increasingly lower, I can expect to approach every task feeling like I can’t do it. If this is what my life becomes then as you can imagine, the world does not look like such a beautiful place. 

Negative thinking patterns are habits. If we can notice them and interrupt them, we can begin to rewire our brains to think more positively, which in turn affects everything we do and how we view our lives.

A morning routine gives us an opportunity to let go of the past (even the past 5 minutes we’ve been worrying since we woke up) and be in the present, so we can create a fresh start for ourselves everyday. 

Imagine all of the things you could accomplish if you weren’t caught up in all that negative thinking? Who would you be? What would you do? How would you feel?

For the past 9 months since lockdown started, I developed a morning routine which consisted of:

  1. Waking up at 6am and having a mug of warm lemon water. You can read all about the benefits of drinking this online, but I love the feeling of starting my day with something warm, fresh and hydrating.
  2. Practicing Yoga with Adriene on Youtube. Her videos vary in length 10-45 minutes and each one has a theme, so I usually just let my intuition guide me as to which I need that morning. 
  3. Take a shower.
  4. Get dressed.
  5. Make a bowl of porridge and sit down to have a slow, mindful breakfast.
  6. Make a decaf coffee (the real stuff causes my heart to flutter)
  7. Start my working day.

I’m in the process of adjusting this routine and have come up with a long list of things to try. If you want to read what these are, make sure to look out for Part 2 of this post next week 🙂

Take care,

Rose x

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