From the age of 16, I had what felt like a long and difficult battle with depression. I knew there was something wrong with me, something triggering my constant unhappiness, but I couldn't identify what. Deep down I had the hope and belief that I would one day find the cause and so decided to persevere without the help of any medication. After years of searching the answer was finally revealed when, age 21, I paid yet another visit to a different GP who told me I had social anxiety. I didn't know what it was or how it affected me until I mentioned my fear of public speaking. Then it all clicked.

Finally, this thing I'd been suffering with for years had a name and this meant that I was no longer alone and could seek the help I needed. Just knowing that made my depression INSTANTLY go away.

For those five years, I'd been seeing various health professionals to find out what was wrong. Why did I feel so awkward and withdrawn in certain scenarios? Why did my heart start to beat so fast with panic and my body start to tremble every time I was asked to give a presentation? Why did I constantly have this feeling of wanting to run out of the room each time I heard the words "I'd like you to go around the room and introduce yourself." No one, including me, seemed to have a clue.
And yet, the answer was so simple.

The power this little bit of knowledge gave me was so huge that I was determined to find the courage to share it with the world.

How do I work?

I help individuals through sharing what I’ve been practising during my personal, lived experience with social anxiety and combining it with the powerful skills I have learnt as a coach.


I work openly and honestly, allowing myself to be vulnerable in order to connect, build rapport, and instil a sense of trust with whomever I work with.

Personal Development

My work encompasses the tools I’ve been using to overcome my own social anxiety combined with years of continual research into how SA affects different people. 


My background in Health & Life coaching enables me to empower and motivate, as well as to create a safe and professional environment to promote change.

To sum it up...

The Mission

To transform the lives of individuals living with social anxiety whilst encouraging schools, universities and workplaces to implement essential support to students and staff who may be suffering.

The Vision

A world where we celebrate that fear and nervousness is a part of what it means to be human, where we dare to be vulnerable, and where those who were once too afraid to be seen, have the courage and support to be brave and live fully.

The Values

Support: Making sure every individual with SA has the knowledge and tools they need to live a joyful life.
Nurture: To care for each unique being, creating an environment for them where they feel safe enough to be stretched and able to grow.
Freedom: To liberate each and every one of us from our greatest fears and setbacks so that we can live a life that is exciting and free!

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